Check your etiquette, Diva!


I’m sure more than a few “Real Housewives of Atlanta” viewers want to suggest Kenya Moore check out somebody’s rules of etiquette – say, “The DivaGirl’s Guide to Style and Self-Respect.”

Heck, Moore should have that book. In the manual (Elevator Group Publishing, $15.95) written by Philly’s own style diva Cheryl Ann Wadlington with Sonya Beard, the former Miss USA-turned-reality television show cast member is quoted on page 162 of the chapter, “Act Like You Know." There, a 14-year-old girl inquires about “advice on how young girls should behave when they are out and about.”

Moore’s answer sounds like one she should heed herself: “Young girls should always conduct themselves like ladies at all times. Ladies never get drunk or inebriated. Ladies never disobey their parents. Ladies respect their elders and authority figures. Ladies never act in an overtly sexual way. Ladies do not follow, they lead. And ladies do not have to be loud or boisterous to get attention. This is the wrong kind of attention. Essentially, you teach people who you are and to respect you by demanding respect with your behavior. You should always be polite, kind, patient, pleasant, and respectful of others.”

Yet among her fellow Housewives, Moore can be seen and heard making titillating remarks to women’s husbands, throwing around the phrase “cootchie crack” and swiping a friend’s business idea.

Wadlington snagged Kenya Moore for the quote before Moore became the newest lightening rod on cable TV’s top-rated Sunday night show for the 18- to 49-year-old set. Word has it that Moore had to “bring it!” to snag the gig replacing Sheree Whitfield this season. And Moore has certainly become the talk of the show.

Urban lit novelist Daaimah S. Poole tweeted “I can’t figure out if Kenya Moore is crazy for camera or for real.” One friend responded on a corresponding Facebook post, “That heffa is crazy for real!”

Either way, I confess, I’ll be watching on Sunday (8 p.m., Bravo)

Check your etiquette, Diva!
Sheila Simmons - Contributor

Sheila Simmons brings many years of writing and communications experience to her work for Liberty City Press. She began her professional writing career at the Philadelphia Daily News, where she covered Business, City Hall and Education.


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