The Real Treatment..

Those of you who know me, know I founded and co-own a popular sports broadcasting camp for kids. We run these kids in multiple cities all over the country. One of the popular activities at these camps, is that the kids go on camera and argue/debate many sports topics. I thought I would share some of my viewpoints on many controversial topics, as well as opining on local Philly sports issues. Here’s Philly first:



Andy Reid shamed himself by firing Juan Castillo last week. Let’s keep it real. Reid said that 3-3 “is not good enough.” Well, Castillo was/is your greatest gamble and decision and you made it. So if Castillo isn’t good enough, then simply, you are not good enough. Unfortunately for Reid, this firing came way too late. Castillo never should have had this job in the first place. The Eagles’ have Super Bowl personnel but chose to give such an important post to a former offensive line...

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The Silent Treatment?

Since May 1, I have been having a great time writing about high school stories in the city of Philadelphia for Liberty City Press. I am now thrilled to also be blogging for the paper on my views on Philadelphia and college sports as well. And in some cases, national sports news. OK, here it goes...

PENN STATE University disappointed all of us for so many obvious reasons and for some not as obvious. It's amazing to me that the university did self-punish itself for...

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PA Gaming Control Board and Category 2 license in Philly

Sources tell Liberty City Press that the PA Gaming Control Board is about to set a timetable for the re-bid of the Foxwoods license. If so, this means that the last Category 2 license will remain in Philly. Watch out for some fast and furious back room deals and some gaming operators starting to make noise.




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