Respect the Constitution

Coach Moore's bill of rights for the Public League

(Photo Left) The starting five at Constitution High School: Tyree Mitchell, Jahmir Marable Williams, Ray Waters, Jabari Merritt and Keyshawn Hammonds. Photo by Sarah J. Glover.

Constitution High School head coach Rob Moore hears about how good the Catholic League is going to be in basketball and he is not arguing that they aren’t.

There are 10 teams that look ready to vie for the league, city, and state championships, depending on classifications, and few can argue with that. Moore, however, thinks the Public League may be getting overlooked. “The Pub is very solid. I think, of course, Imhotep Charter is going to be among the best in the state.” Between them, Martin Luther High School and his own team, he believes the Public League will be top heavy with winning teams. “I think Mastery North and Lincoln will also be strong and may be as good as any of us. So, it’s basically the same 3 to 5 schools that have a chance to win the league and state titles, similar to the Catholic League. In my opinion, this will be my best team in the past three years, which is saying something, since we won the league one year and went to the finals the other, and won a few state championships in the past, too. I fully expect to be playing the state championship and Public League championship games this year,” he said. “[T]aking the top 10 teams in the PCL and comparing it to our top 10 teams is a good comparison. We have a little work to do to get on the same level, but we generally win the same amount of state championships and have as good a post-season. I’m definitely excited for the year ahead.”

All this positivity comes after a loss to Girard College, who may be the city’s second best team in the pre-season behind Imhotep. Girard is now playing in a PIAA Suburban League and not the Pub.

According to Moore, Jahmir Marable Williams, Raquon West, Jabari Merritt, and Keshawn Hammons are his top players. He thinks all four are Division I prospects. “I know the Catholic League sends tons of players to Division I but if you look at Imhotep and us and some of the others we have also been sending players to Division I. I think you can still get a good education and have a great experience playing in the city.”

Moore said that his guard play may be as good as any in the area. “We have guards who can flat out play. We get out there and defend, score, and make plays and play hard. I think if people aren’t aware about us, they will be.”


Respect the Constitution
Jeremy Treatman - Contributor

Jeremy Treatman is the founder and co-director of the Scholastic Play-by-Play Classics and Sports Broadcasting Camps. Over 50 NBA players, including Lebron James, Kevin Durant, and Rajon Rondo played in his events when they were in high school. Jeremy wrote high school sports for the INQUIRER for 10 years, and was the first TV reporter for the HIgh School Sports Show on Channel 29 from 1994-2001. He currently is Comcast's announcer for all high school games.


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