Shane Creamer is a Bully

The ethics board chief’s poison pen crosses ethical line

When Harry Cook received the email, he knew Shane Creamer had crossed the line.

The executive director of the City Board of Ethics had just threatened to derail Cook’s legal career, not in some veiled way, but in a direct assault—a demand that Cook accept guilt for violating the city’s ethics law and face the consequences: a $2,500 fine and permanent ban on doing business with the...

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Move Over Mumia. Free Corey Kemp.

Philadelphia’s former city treasurer has served longer than his peers—and he has 36 months to go  

Now that Mumia has been removed from death row, it is time for him to be removed from the public stage. The time has come for a new face of injustice in Philadelphia. The time has come for Corey Kemp.

Mumia’s rise to martyrdom, founded and foundering on the implicit assumption of his innocence has always been flawed—his culpability always...

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