For the 4th, 7th Isn't Good Enough

How Philly lost the Fourth of July and what we must do to reclaim it.


It started to go south for Philly on July 4, 1976. Or North.  Whichever direction you choose, Philadelphia started to lose its ownership of the Fourth of July at the Bicentennial.  Up till then, no city came close.  And how could they?


The Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia on July 4, 1776.  We hosted the first organized celebration of the Fourth in 1777 and maintained our preeminent status in the 1876 Centennial -- a three-day celebration culminating in General Sherman’s review of the troops. In the 1926 Sesquicentennial, President Coolidge delivered a speech in Philadelphia to the nation.


But we lost our mojo in 1976.


It is the first entry in the Bicentennial in The Fourth of July Encyclopedia – the...

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Ethics Law Can’t Stop Board’s Incompetence

$227k down the drain trying to reinvent the wheel

At the heart of our city’s ethics laws lies the presumption that influence-peddlers wiring deals to their friends is a bad deal for the taxpayers—clean up the system and you save taxpayers money. 

Yet in an act of brazen incompetence, the City’s Ethics Board has now lost more money trying to clean up this culture than all the money in fines it has levied since coming into...

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Shane Creamer is a Bully

The ethics board chief’s poison pen crosses ethical line

When Harry Cook received the email, he knew Shane Creamer had crossed the line.

The executive director of the City Board of Ethics had just threatened to derail Cook’s legal career, not in some veiled way, but in a direct assault—a demand that Cook accept guilt for violating the city’s ethics law and face the consequences: a $2,500 fine and permanent ban on doing business with the...

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Move Over Mumia. Free Corey Kemp.

Philadelphia’s former city treasurer has served longer than his peers—and he has 36 months to go  

Now that Mumia has been removed from death row, it is time for him to be removed from the public stage. The time has come for a new face of injustice in Philadelphia. The time has come for Corey Kemp.

Mumia’s rise to martyrdom, founded and foundering on the implicit assumption of his innocence has always been flawed—his culpability always...

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A Tale of Two Super Bowls

A trip to the big game leads to the big house—for one

January 24, 2003, Corey Kemp and Detroit fast-food magnate La-Van Hawkins got on a private plane headed for Los Angeles where they stayed in a Beverly Hills hotel before taking a limo to see Super Bowl XXXVII. CDR, a California-based financial consulting firm that received city work, paid for most of Kemp’s bill.

Flash forward….

February 5, 2011, Republican State Senate President...

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